What Not to Do After a Motorcycle Accident
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What Not to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Unawareness of best practices at the scene of the crash or in the days afterward can lead motorcycle crash victims to make simple mistakes that hurt their compensation claims later.
What Not to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Being in any type of accident is stressful and unsettling, and motorcyclists in particular are often confused and overwhelmed after a crash. Since motorcyclists have less protection and a smaller vehicle than other types of drivers on the road, they often take the brunt of a crash.

Unawareness of best practices at the scene of the crash or in the days afterward can lead motorcycle crash victims to make simple mistakes that hurt their compensation claims later. If you've been in a motorcycle accident, contact the best motorcycle accident attorney for your case and avoid making these common mistakes:

Leaving without calling the police

Never leave the scene of an accident without calling the police, even if it means you need to wait. It will look irresponsible to everyone involved. Further, you won't have a police report as evidence to back your claims. Even minor accidents can spell major trouble later; always call the police to document the accident and generate a report.

Saying too much

Don't talk to the other driver at the scene. Even an "I'm sorry" out of politeness can be construed by the insurance company as an admission of fault on your part. When you talk to the officer, stick to the facts only; don't try to guess what happened.

Refusing medical care

You may simply want to go home after an accident, but it's vital you get medical care even if you feel normal after the crash. The shock that comes from an accident can cause your body to suppress pain; you might not know your injuries—or the extent of them—immediately. Some injuries, such as trauma to the brain and whiplash, may not present themselves right away.

When you see a doctor promptly after your accident, you can start a treatment plan earlier, helping to speed up your own recovery and avoid potential complications. It also helps prove your injuries are from the accident and not pre-existing.

Not being careful with insurance adjusters

The insurer involved in your case wants to settle it for as little as possible and as quickly as possible. Their interests are the opposite of yours, even if they seem friendly or genuinely concerned about what happened. Anything you say to the insurer can be used against you later, so be sure to stick to what your motorcycle accident attorney advises in terms of your communications with the insurer.

Failing to follow your treatment plan

You must go to all of your medical follow-up visits and follow your doctor's treatment plan. This provides the best opportunity for maximum recovery, and it's also necessary to protect your case. If you skip doctor's appointments or ignore their instructions, the insurer may use this to claim that your injuries are not as serious as you say.

Overuse of social media

Anything you post on social media can be used against you in your case. Don't post details about the accident or how you are doing. Even innocent posts and photos can be used against you, so it's actually best to avoid social media until your case is resolved. For more on this, see our tips on best social media practices.

Repairing the motorcycle

Of course, you're probably eager to get back on the road and want to replace your helmet and/or bike. However, these things are evidence in your case. First, make sure to take pictures. If possible, keep damaged bikes, helmets and other gear from the accident in their post-accident states until your motorcycle accident attorney tells you otherwise.

Please be advised that this is provided for general information purposes only. No attorney-client relationship is formed by the provision of this information. The best resource for information about your case is consulting an attorney.

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